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Stephanie Earley

Stephanie Earley has an amazing voice, and like a lot of talented young singers, started singing by the age of 2 or 3. Young people with her vocal range and ability usually sing almost by the time they walk…it is second nature to them.

Stephanie was born on September 4, 1984, in Dennison, Texas, and grew up just across the border in Kemp, Oklahoma, so she has quite a following in both states. Growing up, she appeared at all the local Oprys in Texas and Oklahoma and won almost every contest she entered. She has opened for such major artists as T. Graham Brown, Shennandoah, and one of her favorites, Jerry Clower.

Stephanie has performed the national anthem for most of the local major league sports franchises in the Dallas area, and was especially honored to perform it in front of George Bush, Sr.

One of the turning points in Stephanie’s life and career was when she met Bill Mack after performing one night at Johnnie High’s Country Music Revue. Bill let her know how impressed he was with her talent. He called Marty Rendleman, the lady credited with discovering and managing LeAnn Rimes the first three years of her career. You may remember that Marty got the song “Blue” for LeAnn from Bill Mack.

At Stephanie’s invitation, Marty came to Johnnie High’s to see her perform when she was 17 years old, and was so impressed with her talent that she took her under her wing and has been preparing and grooming her for her future in the music world ever since.

Stephanie took a little different tack with her career and has been living the past three years in Delaware with her husband, Jebo, a fireman in the United States Air Force with two tours of duty in the Middle East to his credit. However, she is still pursuing her dreams and has his full support.

Now Bill Mack has given a song to Stephanie entitled, “Don’t Be Blue”, and Stephanie has recorded it on her new album on the Ren-Hen Records label.
Currently, you may hear the song on, and soon on

LeAnn Rimes was an idol and inspiration to Stephanie growing up, so isn’t it fitting that history is about to repeat itself. Get ready and commit to memory the name, Stephanie Earley…you’re going to be hearing a lot of it soon!



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