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Kristy Lee Cook

Kristy Lee Cook (stage name, Kristy Lee) is not your typical young lady. Until Kristy moved to Texas a few years ago to pursue her music career, she was living in a log-cabin style home, surrounded by pine trees, in Oregon, and riding her horse, Midnight, almost every day. Putting Midnight, an Arabian, through her paces usually meant jumping, racing, and swimming in the river…most of which Kristy did bareback.

David MacKechnie, a songwriter from Cave Junction, Oregon, heard Kristy sing and suggested that she send her material to Marty Rendleman in Dallas, Texas. It seems that Marty discovered and managed LeAnn Rimes for the first three years of her career. Kristy was 15 years old when the family flew Marty in to see Kristy perform at a local fair, but she immediately recognized the talent and agreed to sign her.

Marty had met Joe Galante, Chairman, RCA Label Group, while she was managing LeAnn, so it seemed only natural for Marty to introduce him to her latest country prodigy. Kristy was signed by RCA and put on their Arista label. A promotion deal with Britney Spears was put in place, and it seemed that ‘stardom’ was imminent. Kristy was 17 when the label put some of their young acts, including Kristy, on hold and then dropped them. RMG subsequently terminated the contract with B & L Productions.

Not about to give up her dreams, Kristy moved to Dallas to pursue her career and gain the experience offered by the many venues in the area. In addition to her singing, Kristy worked with the Kim Dawson Agency for modeling and commercials. She also headlined at Cowboys in Arlington, Dallas and San Antonio, Texas, for two years. Kristy is currently signed with Ren-Hen Records where she released her debut CD entitled, “Devoted”.

In 2007, Kristy moved back home to Oregon to rest and prepare to try out for American Idol. Kristy made it into the Top 10, and will be on a 50-city tour with the group from July 1-September 30, 2008. She is a very talented young lady who has her own unique sound and style.

At 5’8”, Kristy Lee looks like a blonde, blue-eyed Brook Shields, has an incredible voice and is the wholesome, All-American ‘girl next door’. The entertainment world is in for a treat! Here’s the REAL American Idol!!! Rendleman Management Group, Inc. is proud to wish Kristy Lee Cook the great success her talent richly deserves.